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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 19, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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an hour's long man hunt for the suspected killer of five people in modesto leads right here too the -- to the southwest and an arrest. tonight we're learning more details about the victims and we talk to the suspect's family who is in disbelief about these allegations. >> this monster that everybody is saying that he is because he's not. >> reporter: good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. relatives of a modesto suspect accused of killing five people including his child. debora villalon has more on
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what we've learned about the victims. >> we're all family here. i mean his family is here. we're his family. >> reporter: relatives say they are stunned. don't know what to make of martin martinez being held for five murders. >> he's a good guy. he's a good person. he's our cousin. all we know him to be is he had a good job. he worked. he was a good person. >> reporter: modesto investigators believe 30-year- old martinez killed two women and three girls between six months and 6 years old. four of the five victims are related and linked to martinez. >> there's a past relationship between martin and one of the victims inside and one would be his. >> reporter: that would be amanda cruz. a family practice physician for stanislaus county and had a baby with martinez. this house his father's is where they found the suv last
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night and skid marks show where it was towed. but martinez was already gone in another car. and police tracked that one to oak ridge mall with a theater and restaurants opened late. and watched for him to come out. >> the actual car was parked right over in here against the street. against blossom hill. it was after 1:00 a.m. that she saw police swarm the lot. >> i could see at one point they had guns pointed at the gentleman. >> reporter: she saw martinez put on the ground then put into a patrol car. now hear ing what he was wanted for a couple of miles away. >> it dawns on you. wow i could have thrown a french fry at the guy. >> reporter: we don't know who the other adult was. but one of the girls was the
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doctor's daughter from a previous marriage and the other was a play mate who was over for a sleep over. 38-year-old amanda cruz was a family physician practicing at a clinic and she says in her online bio that women and children's health are of special interest to her. she apparently met martinez when he worked for health services as well. ken. >> a lot of questions still have to be answered about this. new at 10:00, the san francisco fire department called to a cliff. a woman and male friend had gone down a cliff. the man made it up the cliff
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but the woman got stuck. she and the couple had a couple of scrapes and bruises but was other wise okay. >> if she had fallen she could have certainly been hurt, maimed or killed because of the fact there's nothing but rocks below, rocks and water. >> reporter: she says it's a dangerous area and that people need to pay attention to the sign that is say stay on the trail. you could see it out there. tropical humidity. >> that brought some rain too parts of the bay area -- rain to parts of the bay area today. mark tamayo shows us the areas that got a few showers. >> i just took a walk outside. it's very warm. it almost feels like hawaii with the temperatures out there. take a look at the temperatures outside this afternoon. if temperatures really warmed up. lots of 80s warmest locations in the low to mid-90s. you heard about the dewpoints
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the highest ones throughout the day. back into the 60s. just to put this into perspective. here are the dewpoint scales as you get closer to 60 that's the sticky range. that's the case for today and tomorrow. we actually might approach that uncomfortable range approaching 60 to 65 with a dewpoint into your monday forecast. all this driven by moisture coming in in the south. you can see all the heavy rain in southern california. we have flash flood warnings, we had thunderstorms here in the bay area. especial -- especially off the coast of san francisco. right now there's not too much on the radar just clouds out there with partly to mostly cloudy skies. we still have shower chances on your monday forecast. we'll take a close look at your forecast model for tomorrow and let you know when the muggy conditions finally move out of town. >> thank you, mark. calfire was helped by rain and higher humidity to gain a lot of ground on a fire outside of los angeles. the north fire burning along
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the cajon pass jumped interstate 15 and burned about 20 cars on friday. the fire trapped drivers between los angeles and las vegas. right now the fire is 75% contained. it's burned more than 4,200 acres. evacuation orders on near by homes have been lifted. evacuations have also been lifted for the pines fire. that's burning outside los angeles in the angeles national forest. this fire has burned 200 acres. firefighters are about 42% contained right now. the cause of both of these fires is under evacuation. an exchange of gunfire with two men and an suv. they say they were leaving the scene when the man on the suv drove by then opened fire apparently for no reason. the officers opened fire then stopped and surrendered. two suspects from richmond and
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san pablo were both arrested. today the families of one of the marines killed on thursday's shootings at a military recruiting office is speaking out about their son. this has law enforcement continues to look into the gunman's past. >> skip always want to be a part of the marine corp. and help protect this country. >> reporter: a choked up kip wells choking up on sunday remembering his son skip wells who was killed on thursday. >> skip had a big heart and he wanted to make a difference in the world. >> reporter: the military was in his blood. his great grandfather, grandfather and father all served. >> i went to kuwait at war. and it just happened to be a
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kuwaitty who took my son's life. >> the fbi is currently doing a forensic examination on his computer, his cell phone, his travels to jordan. which is right across the border from syria. >> reporter: meantime questioning continues about arming officers at national guard facilities across the state. >> as commander in chief quite simply, i will not permit our citizen soldiers to remain unable to defend themselves and our facilities across the state. >> reporter: lawmakers plan to introduce a bill as early as this week. in chattanooga, john roberts, fox news. florida governor rick scott is taking steps to protect national guard soldiers. scott issued an executive order to move guard men at six recruiting stations to near by
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armories. he's also ordering security checks and says that all full time guards men will carry a gun. >> i'm going to do everything under my power to make sure every member, men and women of our national guard is safe. >> reporter: governors of several other states have also authorized the arming of national guard personnel including texas, louisiana, arkansas, oklahoma and indiana. no word yet from governor brown on plans for california guards men. a senate judiciary economy will hear from the family of one woman who was shot to death in san francisco allegedly by an undocumented immigrant. kate steinle's brother says they will head to washington to speak on behalf of kate. the 32-year-old pleasanton woman was shot and killed on pier 14 14 in the city as she walked with her father on july 1st. the senate judiciary economy
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-- committee will hold a hearing on thursday. just last week, city and county leaders met with the developer. his plan has drawn criticism and it calls for 4,000 homes, shopping space and a new raiders stadium. as officials respond tomorrow, the developer has a few weeks to present a final development plan. we live in an area filled with surfers and this is video they don't like to see. coming up in about 30 minutes a professional surfer attacked on live tv during a competition. hear what he said he saw and felt the second that shark attacked. no one wants to see that. and coming up next, a fiery attack on a mural celebrating
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lgbt and same-sex marriage. plus he won't back down on his comments about john mccain's military service. hear why donald trump is saying he does not owe anyone an apology.
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a cuban embassy in washington, d.c. the two nations are to resume normal ties after more than 50 years. in august, secretary of state john kerry is expected to travel to havana for a formal ceremony to open a u.s. embassy there. the u.s. broke off diplomatic relations with cuba in january 1961 after tensions between the two nations had steadily mounted since the 1959 cuban revolution. just one day after he bashed john mccain's war record. donald trump isn't backing down. fellow republicans though are demanding an apology. and for the billionaire businessman's comment at a campaign event in iowa. as jennifer griffin tells us, trump is sticking with his statement. >> do you owe john mccain an apology? >> no not at all. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate donald trump giving his first interview since making comments about arizona senator john mccain at the family leadership summit saturday. >> he's a war hero because he
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was captured. i like people that were not captured okay, i'm sorry to tell you. >> reporter: john petaki saying, idiotic remarks would be shocking coming from someone else. and marco rubio says, american veterans deserve better than to have their service -- >> this time he managed to upset a very beloved group in america, and that's our veterans. >> reporter: at a forum in arizona, protesters interrupting a gathering. >> if you don't want me to be
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here, that's okay. >> reporter: democratic front runner hillary clinton did not attend the arizona event as for john mccain he hasn 't addressed trump's comments but is expected to on a cable news report monday. sacramento crews are searching for the body of a man who apparently drowned at a popular beach today, a 24-year- old man walked into the water around 12:30 this afternoon and hasn't been seen since. the beach is located where had the sacramento and american rivers meet on the north side of the river. this is the fifth drowning in this area in the last three weeks. the san francisco police are hoping that newly released surveillance video will help them find an arsonist who badly damaged a gay pride mural in the mission. ktvu was the first to show you this video last night on the ktvu news. it shows a tall man dressed in black torching that lgbt mural
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at the galleria de la raza. this is the fourth time the mural was vandalized. >> this time, this person actually took the effort to burn the mural itself. >> what we want to do is, you know let our viewers. because the viewers, especially the ones that live in the mission. they know a lot of people in the area. and you know, when you see somebody acting suspicious, whether they have a hanker chief of they have something below their neck or their hoodied up and it's not that cold outside, you may get the sense that something may be going down. and when you see that just take a few seconds to see what this person looks like. >> the mural was unveiled and was vandalized just a few days
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later. doctors have released former president george w.h. bush. doctors diagnosed him with a broken vertebrae but is expected to heal on his own. the obama administration sent the agreement with iran to congress which is expected to get a bruising. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry will be on the hill this week testifying, answering questions from skeptical lawmakers and trying to sell this deal to congress. a 60 day review period kicks in on monday. meanwhile in iran there are no illusions that relations between iran and the west are warming. >> when the deal is approved or disapproved we will never stop supporting our people of
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palestine, yemen, iraq, bahrain. >> reporter: kerry spoke to chris wallis on fox news sunday about the arms embargo. >> we have sanctions still amicable. and we can bring our sanctions to push back on their behavior. they're not allowed to send arms to hezbollah. >> reporter: apaq and other groups are releasing an ad campaign to reject the deal. >> after this agreement is concluded, that he's going to continue to battle against the united states. this regime has just received a dream deal. i think this is a very bad deal with a very bad regime.
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>> reporter: with the issue that any time any where inspections will detect nuclear activity given that they have 24 days to protest inspections, energy secretary ernest monie. >> we will take environmental samples, when environmental samples are taking and nuclear activity has taken place it's virtually impossible to clean up that place. you can paint the floors and do what you want. we feel very confident that one would find the evidence of nuclear activity. >> reporter: ash carter just landed where he will address both israeli and saudi concerns. >> that was jennifer griffin reporting. the annual aids walk in san francisco's golden gate park raised more than $2 million. aids walk walk san francisco kicked off at 8:30 this morning. about 20,000 people showed up
10:20 pm
for this year's 10k walk. it's just over 6 miles. san francisco residents raised over $24,000 and tops the fundraiser list. >> i walk every year to honor my mom and dad who both died of aids in the early 80s sharing dirty needs. i've been the top -- top fundraiser in san francisco and i'm pretty proud of that. >> the event began in 1987 and since raised $80 million. you can see the reason why this respects the moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere approaching the bay area. that's why it was so muggy today and we had isolated thunderstorms as well. the heavy rainfall has been focused toward central and southern california. take a look at this impressive
10:21 pm
rainfall total. santa monica 4.0. they're still picking up impressive rainfall rates right now in the southern part of the state with flash flood warnings. we have lingering clouds. had a few showers earl littler this evening. take a look at these 10:00 temperatures right now it is 77 degrees in santa rosa. concord in the upper 70s. san jose 74 and san francisco going for a walk in san francisco right now in the mid- 70s. 75degrees downtown san francisco. here's our live camera looking out toward the oakland estuary. not much in the way of winds because you can see glass -- glassy conditions on the water. still a chance of an isolated thunderstorms. still very humid as well. we'll gradually cool things off in the extended forecast. overnight lows no jacket needed here. temperatures mainly in the mid- to upper 60s out there. so after a warm start. now in terms of shower
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chances. not generating much in the bay area but there's still a chance all day long. some activity remains to move in from the south. by 4:00 it's going to be warm to hot, humid once again. lower 70s to lower 90s. we'll take a closer look at the five day to tell you when this wet patter heads into town. not many people would jump off a cliff. >> not me. >> i will show you the amazing views as we go hand gliding. >> i'm glad you volunteered for that. not me. the giants come out of the all star break on fire. next in sports, we'll see if they can keep up this hot streak in the dessert. -- in the desert.
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my name is ronda derosa and i'm a gas superintendent for pg&e. as a gas superintendent, i'm responsible for the safety of the public and our employees. pg&e is using a lot of new technology to improve the safety and reliability of our pipelines. my wife and i live in the bay area with our two kids. this is where i choose to raise my family. i want it to be as safe as it can be for our customers for my family, for my friends. that's what drives me. pg&e is here to help our customers. we're here to deliver power, we're here to deliver it safely and reliably. together, we're building a better california.
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jason is here now talking about the giants and boy they win again. >> yeah, you know this year they've been feast or famine. lately they've been winning so that's all good. don't look now the giants are streaking going for their sixth straight win. fourthstraight out of the all star break. and check out this fan in arizona to a little arm wrestling competition. third inning tied up at one a piece. and panic was on base three times. he comes in to score. pence comes in with a five run.
10:25 pm
check out justin maxwell on defense, the diving catch in support of baumgartner. balm pitches just 5 innings but enough to notch his second win of the season. they complete the three game sweep. as we said their sixth straight win over all. the a's welcomed home an old friend of the coliseum as they look to take two of three. tommy malone. he was on the hill for minnesota. his first start against the a's since they traded him last year. great day for the a's offense. already 5-0 when jake molenski. bases loaded for josh redick. and boy did he crush that one. third grand slam of redick's career. and they destroy the twins. final score there 14-1.
10:26 pm
tomorrow, 21-year-old jordan spieth he will try to become the first golfer in 62 years to become the first three majors of the year. nice weather for a change in st. andrews scottland. rain and wind pushed back yesterday's third run to today so they will finish tomorrow. dunn creating quite the buzz. great putt here. the 22-year-old amateur from ireland he's at 12-under par he's your coleader. all eyes on spieth. he makes a charge on the back nine. four, four birdies, no bogeys. then louis poustuzin would make that birdie put. ostusin on a tie with dunn and jason day at 12-under par. celebrity golf in tahoe, alfonso ribiero on the left, justin timberlake on the right they're getting their groove on. as for their actual golf, mark
10:27 pm
molders is a pretty good golfer. he edges off eric gagne the former reliever for the a's. riley curry here's how she celebrated her third birthday. >> ♪ ♪ >> yeah that's riley rocking out to solento. i know heather loves this sock. watch me nene. >> i am just curious to see if she can do the break your leg, bop. i want to see more of riley. >> i don't know i would put it past her to do all that stuff. she's quite the ham. her mom iesha tweeted that out
10:28 pm
today. >> may be a cheer leader for the warriors soon. >> yeah. plus an update from modesto as the memorial grows outside a home where five people were killed. a hand pressed burger, melted cheddar with crispy hash browns and an egg your way. the thing: now that's a burg--- (explosion) (groans) you want that to go again sweetie? the thing burger. welcome to denny's. fantastic 4, only in theaters.
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and we have more from outside of the home where a family was killed. there's a growing memorial outside. >> reporter: rest in peace elizabeth, amanda and rachel are written on candles outside of this home. where two women and three children were killed. including the homeowner cruz.
10:31 pm
cruz was a family practitioner who chose modesto over seattle. rachel and elizabeth were killed inside their home. family members say the third child was a friend of the 6- year-old who was at the home visiting before they went to the fair. this girl brought a single flower, she went to day care with elizabeth. >> she's one of my sisters friend. >> was she your friend? >> yes she was. >> reporter: the fifth victim was an adult. the bodies were discovered after a family friend asked police to do a welfare check at the home on saturday. cruz' family says she was dating martin martinez. the 6 -month-old's father and sole suspect who was arrested in san jose. they're reminded of the last tragedy to strike cruz. >> now she's going to be with
10:32 pm
her son again. because she just lost her son like six or seven months ago. >> reporter: amanda's 2-year- old son died after being in a coma. family friends say the boy died under mysterious circumstances after being under martinez care. >> authorities not releasing any information about a motive. tonight a 19-year-old mendecino man is behind bars accused of stabbing three people to death and seriously wounding two others with a 12- inch kitchen knife. the sheriff called the killings a mass tragedy. the stabbings happened this morning outside the ladenville town limits. authorities identify the suspect as barton. barton was reportedly brought into the home originally as a foster child. investigators say he stabbed to death a 14-year-old boy and 62- year-old man. he's also suspected of stabbing
10:33 pm
a 54-year-old woman and a 52- year-old man. two teenaged girls in the home were not injured. detectives say one of the girls convinced barton to call 911 and get help. barton was at home when deputies arrived. a friends of barton said in the last few days barton had been talking about killing somebody. police in palo alto have been investigated for shooting a man. a 911 caller reported hearing several shots. when police arrived they found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. no word yet on his identity. a solemn ceremony after an executive from japan's mitsubishi the corporation offered an apology to a former prisoner of war forced into the
10:34 pm
mines. at a ceremony, the worker offered his apology. mercer said his time in the mines were slavery every day and the work was horrific. >> i heard very closely to the apology and found it very sincere. they really touch you at the heart. >> reporter: about 12,000 american prisoners of war were shipped to japan and forced to work to support japan's war effort. mitsubishi is the first japanese company to apologize and the use of prisoners of war during word war ii. the new york times obtained
10:35 pm
a 1,000 page transcript from a deposition a decade ago. as brian yanes, the comedian said he paid women after sex to keep the affairs from his wife. >> the new york times exclusively obtaining a thousand page triplet from bill cosby's deposition from 2005 and 2006. in it he candidly defends himself in a lawsuit filed by this woman andrea constan. a former temple university employee who alleges he drugged and molested her one time at her home in the early 2000s. in the deposition cosby calls her a liar saying the only drug he gave her was benadryl. he talks openly about his mentor-mentee and quotes their
10:36 pm
sexual encounter were mutual. cosby went on to talk about having what he called sexual rendezvous with at least five other women. cosby went at lenght to keep these women quiet paying them through his agent, everyone offering to write a personal check for education, all behind his wife's camile's wife. my wife would not know because it was i and andrea had sex and andrea now was very upset and she wanted to go to school. i would tell my wife, it's a person i wanted to help. cosby is yet to be charged with a crime. in new york, brian yanes, fox news. >> it's something that strikes fear in the hearts of surfers and pretty much all beachgoers.
10:37 pm
coming up next, hear from a man who was attacked by a shark in live television during a surfing competition. mark tamayo tracking another chance at thunderstorms. a new season brings a new look. a chance to try something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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yes that is indeed a shark attack captured on live television during a professional surfing event. nick fanning attached at jeffrey's bay during the jay open. fanning was knocked off his
10:40 pm
board. he was able to escape the shark, he swam away before a safety team pulled him out of the water. now fanning was met on the shore by the rescue boat by champion big wave surfer peter mel of santa cruz. that's when he talk about how he was able to fend off the shark. >> i was just sitting there, i felt something grab, got stuck in my leg. and i instantly just jumped like. and it just kept coming at my board and i was just kicking and screaming and boy -- >> i'm getting dragged under by my leg grab. and then i felt like, like it kicked me off but then was still there, still attached to my board and i threw like a punch. it was dragging me. i felt it was dragging me under water then all of a sudden my
10:41 pm
leg unwrapped. then i started swinging, swinging and screaming. i'm somehow perfectly fine. >> reporter: start swimming and start swimming fast. organizers called off the remainder of that competition both fanning and another surfer were named the winners. and what you don't see on video is another surfer swimming toward him to try to help him. >> we follow those surfers. he started swimming to actually help him. it's a very intense day. wilson actually wrote out this instagram message toward fanning. yeah we'll take a look at that. this is on the boat right after this happened. wilson on the boat you can see what he says. love you brother. today is one of those days you hope you never experience in your life and to see you stand your ground and fend off that monster. you're my hero. so glad that i was able to hug you on the boat.
10:42 pm
you're the true example of living by the sword. >> you see someone being attacked by the shark and coming to the rescue. putting his own life at risk. >> just watching that video footage. it all happened in under 40 seconds from just normal surf contest to somebody trying to get on a boat and just be safe. thankfully everybody was safe. >> certainly could have taken on a different outcome. talking about our weather and boy it is certainly warm out there and you say it's going to stick around a little longer. >> does not feel like the bay area. high clouds and we'll take a live look outside with partly to mostly sunny skyless. s kyless -- skies. not much in the way of shower activities. and we will have a chance as we head into the monday forecast. lots of moisture moving in. left over moisture from what was once a hurricane. hurricane dolores you can see it all pushing from the south. that's why it felt so muggy today. we had the high dewpoints it can feel a bit more humid as we head into your monday forecast. right now the significant rainfall focused in a southern half of the state down toward los angeles and san diego.
10:43 pm
in fact, right now in these areas these green areas we have flash flood warnings posted until 11:45 this evening. those may be extended later on tonight and into tomorrow morning. we have the high clouds out there. a few spotty showers shopping up. a few sprinkles out there. i think we could have a little bit more activity on the radar for tomorrow. especially to the south of the region. take a look at these current temperatures once again. this is not happened too much. but look at all these 70s out there. at the 10:00 hour, concord 79. san jose 74 and oakland checking in 74 degrees. as far as the temperature time line in san jose waking up at 7:00. 70degrees. back up into the mid- to upper 80s by 2:00 and 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. so here it is. here we go with the left over moisture from what was once hurricane dolore s and all weekend long we've been tracking the moisture.
10:44 pm
with that no major changes for tomorrow. definitely scattered high clouds. still very humid out there and the chance of isolated thunderstorms. it'll be warm to hot once again with those readings in the 80s and 90s. not too generous with rainfall here in the bay area but all that miceture in place. the instability in -- the moisture in place. the instability will stay in place. still lingering clouds out there. the main focus out toward the sierra and down toward southern california. forecast highs we really warmed up today. take a look at the numbers for tomorrow. santa rosa 90 degrees. oakland 82 degrees. livermore 90s. san jose 89 showing up. sunny vale in the upper 80s. in san francisco, starting off the day very warm. it'll feel strange on your way to walk tomorrow. those readings in the upper 70s with a daytime high of 80.
10:45 pm
big question is when will the humid conditions go away. i think for monday and tuesday they'll stick around and gradually cool things off. slight chance of a shower tomorrow and slight chance into tuesday and warming up for tuesday. tomorrow expect everything out there. sun, clouds an isolated thunderstorms, warm, humid. you can't go wrong. no snow though. >> no snow. who hasn 't dreamed of soaring through the air. and they take me along for a ride.
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
jumping over the edge of a cliff probably isn't something most people consider but that's exactly what a group of san francisco do almost every
10:48 pm
single day. you may have seen them testing the limits with their hand gliders at fort funston. tonight i go for a ride and learn why they do it. >> reporter: the birds here have already figured it out. the cliffs on fort funston are some of the best places on effort -- places on earth to spread your wings. >> the air goes against the peninsula. the air is extremely smooth. we can fly year round here. >> reporter: two members of the feathers of funston invited me for a ride. first you have to go through an instructional. then it's time to jump off a 200-foot cliff. >> ask me if i'm nervous? >> are you nervous? >> yeah. >> reporter: we cruised about 800 feet above the crashing waves of fort funston beach. >> would you like me to do a wing over. >> if you feel comfortable do
10:49 pm
it. he said i'm going to do a wing over. >> reporter: the hand gliders are nimble as you can see by the one that swooped right next to us. nimble but amazingly stable. >> the way i describe it is kind of like a gondola ride without the wire. >> reporter: of course things can go wrong. >> reporter: so the camera broke off. what do you think dude? >> reporter: i'm flying with one hand. >> reporter: a broken camera mount is far better than a crash. >> aviation is not forgiving of mistakes. >> reporter: in hand glidings infancy in 1974 there were 40 deaths. that number has been cut dramatically with better equipment and training. there have been an average of four deaths a year since 1993. >> you can make it very dangerous if you're careless, if you make some real bad decisions. >> parachute fins,. >> reporter: they also carry back up parachutes that both john and steve say in all their years they've never had to use
10:50 pm
them. >> i've flown with golden eagles and bald eagles and vultures and going up in the air with them and getting up to cloud base is really an amazing experience. >> all the problems that you have from day-to-day, when i get up in the hand glider i can kind of zone out and i can be in the moment. and it's really kind of a zen experience for me. i'm kind of connecting with the planet and connecting with nature and it's just a, it's a really amazing experience. >> reporter: as long as the wind cooperates you can glide for hours. hand gliders can cost a couple thousand dollars and up. it may seem intimidating, scary even. but the pay off is amazing. >> it is something that man has been wanting to do ever since the beginning of time. and for this very short period of time in our existence we've
10:51 pm
been able to fly like birds and we can fly like birds now. >> i thought it would be a lot harder. especially pushing that bar around. but it's actually very peaceful and easy and i think you would like it. >> no i wouldn't. i will experience and appreciate nature with my two feet planted firmly on the ground. but hats off to you for doing it. >> that's what i thought you would say. a bay area man is said to undergo a potentially life saving surgery. he has a stranger to thank. his emotional message about this gift of life, next.
10:52 pm
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a bay area man getting the gift of life from a stranger. answering the organ donation call. ktvu's amber lee talked with that man grateful for a second chance and she tells us about the unusual way this patient and donor found each other. >> give me a signal ollie. >> reporter: anthony obinyon is able to play with his two sons despite suffering from kidney
10:55 pm
failure. last fall he was told he would need a kidney to survive so he signed up for a kidney donation but he was told the wait would be eight years. >> i still couldn't really get it together. because i didn't just really know at what point i was going to go downhill. >> reporter: but obinyon's wife amy didn't wait. >> i just told everyone. >> reporter: including members of her weight loss support group where she had met jared. jared volunteered to be tested. >> i thought about those two beautiful kids, their 8-year- old and 10-year-old and how you know they would, it would be unfortunate for them to not grow up with their father. >> reporter: jared turned out to be a great match. a positive, roughly the same age and healthy. >> i like to lead by example. and maybe let people know that they don't have to be afraid of doing something like this. that we can live easily with just one kidney. >> what i see in michelle my
10:56 pm
donor is one of those god sent persons. kindness, goodness, and self- lessness. >> reporter: i would like to sign a consent form for surgery. >> reporter: today they were at the hospital for preregister. the two finally met for the first time two months ago during a walk for the kidney foundation. they're grateful to receive this gift and want to encourage others to be living organ donors. >> it doesn't matter black, white, hispanic asian we can all donate to each other. >> good point. that's going to do it for us, have a good night. >> good night.
10:57 pm
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deep into right center. >> the giants ride the long ball and madison baumgartner's arm as they go for the sixth straight win. and a shark attacks a surfer on live tv during a prosurfing competition. sports wrap.


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